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You’ve got a growing consumer brand. Now you need marketers that will help you scale. Our marketers focus their energy on accomplishing what matters. Hire full time, or a minimum 3 month full time contract.

Marketers who deliver results are hard to find.

We succeed when you succeed. Your hire needs to show value within 3 months or we don't get 90% of our fee. Incentives matter.

Thinking about a career change?

With Gighub, you can passively and discreetly search for your next job. Gighub will only contact you with jobs that match the preferences we have discussed and you've defined. Like salary range, marketing focus, product specialties, company size, and location or remote. We'll also help you through the interview and negotiation process.
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Roles we fill.

VP Digital
Director of Marketing
Brand Management
Growth Marketing
Amazon Specialists
PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media
Content Marketing
Product Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Conversion Specialists
Shopify Developers
When you work with Gighub, you get a dedicated recruiting specialist that takes the time to understand the outcomes of the role. We can help identify the skills and experience needed to achieve these outcomes. We'll source the right candidates, and help you fill your positions fast.

How we approach hiring.

Outline outcomes desired for the role within a certain time frame.
What type of culture are you trying to build?
Deep dive into competencies and a history of achieving results.
Outline competencies necessary to achieve the outcomes.
Basic questions to ensure salary, geography and career aspirations match
Psychometric Assessment
We use the TAIS (the attentional and interpersonal style) to develop strategic insights into where people may fall short in certain environments.

When you work with Gighub, we find you three candidates that will deliver results. You pick one.

We charge 10% of our fee upfront, and 90% three months after start date.
If our candidate is not hitting your outcomes, we don't get paid.
Aligning incentives is critical in the business of finding talent.

Hire the top technical marketers.

Gighub is a curated network of top marketers. The best talent needs to be sold. You need a good brand and a clear direction. Gighub builds a community so we know when someone is looking or their contract is expiring.

Fill positions faster.

We move fast within in our network and we seek to fill roles within 3 weeks.

Limit the bad hires.

We understand the results that people have brought to their former assignments / companies. If it is not clear, the results usually aren't either.

Build a more diverse team.

We employ psychometric testing to decrease selection bias and ensure we are dealing with top performers.

Building a remote team?

Gighub network members are looking for remote work.
Increase your candidate
pool by 10x
Increase candidate
skill and diversity
Reduce salary and
overhead costs