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Who we are:
Recruiters who share a passion for buildings consumer brands.
Justin Pintwala

Built a successful CPG focused recruitment firm.

Board Member and Advisor to high growth consumer brands.
Our mission in the recruitment industry.
We have a history of helping brands succeed within CPG, sports nutrition & retail. We've successfully placed chief people officers, heads of supply chain, sales leadership, finance leadership and many roles within production, R&D and Quality Assurance.

We've now doubled down on marketing talent because marketing is the critical link to growth.

Having a great product is one thing, but crafting the story and pushing that story to the right people is incredibly hard.

Our brand promise is to deliver talent that builds. This is harder than it seems, because builders are a rare form of talent.

We charge a small upfront fee, with the majority of the fee 3 months after our people start to back up our promise.
When you work with Gighub, you get a dedicated recruiting specialist that takes the time to understand the outcomes of the role. We can help identify the skills and experience needed to achieve these outcomes. We'll source the right candidates, and help you fill your positions fast.

How we approach hiring.

Outline outcomes desired for the role.
What type of culture are you building?
Learn about a history of achieving results.
Outline competencies necessary to achieve the outcomes.
Ensure salary, geography and career aspirations match
Psychometric Assessment
Leverage TAIS (the attentional and interpersonal style) for insights

Building a remote team?

Gighub network members are looking for remote work.
Increase your candidate
pool by 10x
Increase candidate
skill and diversity
Reduce salary and
overhead costs